Lighthouse Counseling LLC
About the Therapist
Brenda graduated as an RN from St Louis-based DePaul Hospital
of Nursing in 1973 and practiced nursing for 15 years in various
settings including a hospital, extended living home, and in public
health as a visiting nurse. During that time, Brenda developed a
keen interest and passion for the emotional and psychological
aspects of the patients she was seeing. She returned to Southeast
Missouri State University in 1998 earning a Master's degree in
Community Counseling. She also immediately  earned her
certification as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC).  Upon
graduation, Brenda  was employed by Community Counseling
Center working with families in crisis.  This position allowed
experience in marital, individual, family, child, and adolescent
issues.  After completing the necessary number of supervised
hours, she earned her state license and  became a Licensed
Professional Counselor (LPC).  Brenda has since maintained a
private practice for nine years working with various issues and
disorders across the life span. She specializes in adolescent and
teenage issues, family and marital counseling, depression and
bipolar disorder, as well as ADHD/ADD. Brenda approaches
therapy from a client-centered perspective understanding that
people can only change when experiencing empathy and
acceptance for the problems they bring to the counseling session.
Brenda states "the therapist must enter into the experience of
the client to a certain degree to understand his/her world before
moving on to finding solutions and effecting change. I maintain a
strong belief in an individual's own spirit, ego-strength, and
resilience to locate their own personal answers and truths and
return to sound mental health."